Steven Maleh

His life, interests, hobbies, and career

Entrepreneur based in Plantation, FL

Founder and CEO of SNAX, Steve Maleh – based in Plantation, Florida – is a 3rd generation entrepreneur with over twenty years of experience founding and operating successful enterprises. Recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce as an “Influencer,” he has opened dozens of businesses—some of which have grown into multi-million dollar companies—across several industries, including retail, mobile technology, real estate, and restaurants.

Meet Steve Maleh

Steve Maleh is a multi-talented entrepreneur, family man, and active member of his community in Plantation, Florida.

In addition to SNAX—a mobile phone application that allows individuals to order concessions and have them delivered to their seat in a movie theater—Steve Maleh is the President of Surfs Up of Hilton Head, Inc. and the Co-Owner of Island Trading Company and Frosty Dog Café. To date, he has founded over fifteen companies, successfully selling six of them to other business professionals in his community.
Prior to many of his current entrepreneurial endeavors, Steve Maleh was a well-respected member of the real estate industry. With degrees in Architecture, he built, developed, and renovated over $30M in real estate. His educational background also helped when he owned and operated the South Florida Franchise for Ubuildit, a construction consulting business. In 2005, 2006, and 2007, his region was the nation’s leading franchise, winning awards for “Best Customer Service,” “Highest Revenue,” and “Most Homes Built.” They also won “Franchise of the Year” consecutively in 2006 and 2007.

Prior to his venture into the mobile space, Steve used his Architectural degrees to build, develop and renovate over 30 million dollars in real estate.  From 2004 to 2010 Steve owned and Operated the South Florida Franchise for Ubuilit.  Ubuildit is a construction consulting business, with over 200 franchises’ across all 50 states.  Steve Maleh’s franchise in 2005, 2006, and 2007 was the nations leading franchise.  Steve office won awards in “Best Customer Service”, “Most Homes Built”, “Highest Revenue” and most importantly the coveted “Franchise of the Year” in both 2006, and 2007.

In addition to his own businesses and ventures, Steve has been actively sharing his expertise and knowledge with other entrepreneurs.  Acting as an angel investor in several start up retail businesses. Steve allocates time to meet with many aspiring entrepreneurs from his community, and has advisory mentorship positions in several companies.  Furthermore, he has advised management teams and board members, as well as consulted with several early stage funds for investment purposes.

With his experience in a myriad of industries and markets, Steve is passionate about using his insight and knowledge to help other entrepreneurs. He is an Angel Investor and has aided in the creation of several start up retail businesses. Additionally, Steve Maleh ensures to prioritize time to meet up with other aspiring entrepreneurs in his community and has developed mentorship programs in many of his companies.

At the heart of Steve Maleh’s business philosophy is his passion for supporting his community. The 2016 recipient of the “Upstanding Citizen Award,” his companies have contributed greatly to the economic development of his community, as well as shape local trends in the retail and construction industries. His dedication to improving the community is also the guiding principle that leads him to work with aspiring entrepreneurs and other businesses in his area.

While he works hard to support and contribute to local commerce, Steve is also passionate about caring for members of the community. He is the Head Chef at Chabad of Plantation in Fort Lauderdale, a volunteer organization that feeds over 150 congregants every week, and was a Board Member for Help Thy Neighbor, a nonprofit that feeds the homeless population of Fort Lauderdale twice a week. What’s more, he regularly organizes fundraisers and community outreach initiatives and has helped to build homes for underprivileged families in his free time. For his service, Steve has received awards from his local religious leaders and community organizers.

Steve Maleh holds a Bachelors degree in Architecture from the University of Miami, and has also taken master classes at Columbia University in real estate developing.  He lives in Plantation, Florida with his beautiful and loving wife.  Steve has four bright children, two in university. One,  studying psychology, and one on a full scholarship for trumpet performance, as well as two  younger children at home.

In his spare time, Steve is refining his tennis skills, and continues to self educate by registering and attending local lectures, seminars, and classes. Steve is currently looking forward to being part of the future innovation in the theatre application market with the launch of his new technology venture SNAX®.

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