There are thousands of people working in different offices looking forward to achieving more in life. However, some find it hard to stay stuck at an office desk working for about 9 hours a day, five days a week. If you take your time to join the entrepreneurship field, you must be ready to deal with the highs and lows that follow. But why do so many people globally choose entrepreneurship? Well, we sought to learn more about entrepreneurship from the people doing it. Have you ever wondered why small business owners never quit? What made them leave their office duties and start a business? Despite the hard times, small business owners have remained strong and determined to return on investment.


Here are some of the critical things highlighted by successful and experienced business owners.



Although some office-related jobs have lucrative pay, one remains tied to the duties, and there is no flexibility. Listening to many businesses and aspiring owners will learn that many choose this route since flexibility is guaranteed. According to HoneyColony owner Maryam Henein, she is proud of her venture since this ensures the flexibility needed. Besides, Juris Digital founder Casey noted that being an entrepreneur means freedom to work at your comfort as long as you have the right tools.


Become a Decision Maker

In an office setup, the management makes the decisions of the firm and what should be one. The idea of being your boss gives many entrepreneurs the hope to keep fighting for business sustainability. A recent study conducted by Cox Business revealed that 50% of small business owners want to be their ‘Own Bosses.’


Return on Investment

Although there are different ventures to indulge in, some of these jobs have their income tied to the performance. For instance, a mechanics’ job will have the income tied to performance instead of a service provider. Having some extra change in your pocket serves as a ticket to motivation and zeal to work more efficiently.


Be The Source of Inspiration

Although many entrepreneurs join this field as an income generation venture, some have different motives. Talking to small business owners opens up your mind to things you did not expect that some would be desiring to achieve. According to Sara Marie, the founder of Shefit, her daughter is affected by how she runs her business, which compelled her to start a business at the age of 12. Entrepreneurship could inspire the lives of many people who might have given up on their dream of becoming business owners.