A business pitch so much weight that it could either make or break your business. Nothing matters more. Many investors have heard just about everything, so you want to make yourself stand out from the others. Creating a pitch that is out of the ordinary will help you get the funding you need. Here are key elements to help you make a great pitch.


Don’t Go Over Ten Minutes 

Timing is more critical than ever when presenting your pitch. Taking less time shows investors that your idea is so good that it can be presented in a short amount of time. Words hold a ton of power, so using them wisely can be very effective. If you’re giving a pitch with a presentation, be sure not to spend more than three minutes on each slide as investors can become bored with the information. Before your final pitch, be sure to practice your pace to prevent you from rushing.


Share What Makes Your Product or Service Unique

Don’t go into a pitch comparing your product or service to others that are similar but share why it is like nothing they have seen before. There will always be some sort of competition, but you can lose focus in your pitch if you’re mentioning competitors. Investors are more interested in how your product or service can make them money, so you need to sell it to them before selling it to anyone else. 


Talk About Your Target Audience

In order to determine your target audience, you need to research the demographics. Show a visual presentation of your target audience using your products or services to give investors a better idea of its potentials. To acquire these customers, you must come up with a marketing plan. Include methods and techniques you plan to use to get your target audience’s attention. Investors are more likely to give funding to a product or service that is backed by marketing.


Bring the Energy

Step outside of your comfort zone and show more enthusiasm than ever before when presenting your pitch. Try exuding 50 percent more energy than you would on a typical day. Investors want to see that you’re passionate about your product and services. Bringing the right energy to a room can enhance your pitch and make investors believe in you.

Before presenting your pitch, keep these key elements in mind to deliver what investors want to hear.